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Create your own financial path

The limiting life circumstances that we find ourselves in can limit how we live. This does not need to be the case. Logbook loans were designed to help people live off the cocoons placed and that is one more reason why you should secure a logbook loan today.

How to know the maximum logbook loon you qualify for

To find out the maximum loan you qualify for with Top Logbook Lenders, one has to submit their vehicle make and model to the tab below. An automated response will then be generated giving you how much your car is worth presently and the maximum loan you qualify for.

The Loan Application Procedure

To apply for a loan with Top Logbook Lenders, you will be required to submit an application with the necessary documentations which can be obtained here. You will then receive notification of the loan approval within thirty minutes; a loan officer will then meet with you to help you finalize the process of the loan within a few hours.

Why we are a distinguished in our service provision

  • Top Logbook Lenders is ranked highly by the CTA board. We abide by the CTA code of conduct to ensure that our consumers get the best services and a product that addresses their needs.
  • With our online portal and our loan managers who are strategically placed, we offer expeditious services. Our loan is availed to you within minutes to let you meet your financial obligations.
  • Our ever growing clientele base gives us useful feedback that help us ensure that we continuously improve our services.

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Why take out a logbook loan?

Logbook Loan

Logbook loans ensure that you get the loan just when you need it. This is beneficial especially if you have pressing financial needs. You no longer have to wait for days to know the outcome of your loan application process which may end up leaving you disappointed. Within just 24 hours you are able to know your outcome.

Persons with poor credit history or credit scores will also find the loan beneficial. This is because it gives them money to meet their financial obligation and to also redeem their financial image

For the employed people, the confidentiality of the loan is preserved and you employer does not have to know that you have take a loan with us.

The self employed will find the loan very beneficial and rewarding as it is difficult for them to secure a substantial loan with financial institution.

Those who have been filed as bankrupt are also welcome to take a loan with us as long as they have a source of income and a car registered to their name.


Logbook Loan
Sheila Walsh

I was glad to get Top Logbook Lenders to be my financial partners Knowing that you have a financial partner takes the edge of your stressful life.

Logbook Loan
Patricia Sanders

I did not believe it until I went to Top Logbook Lenders and got the loan. Nothing is as exciting as knowing you are able to get a loan within a short period of time.

Logbook Loan
Mark Stevenson

I was impressed with the concept of personal loan managers. The great lengths that the staffs go into to ensure that you have grasped everything are astounding.

Logbook Loan
Albert Norris

Top Logbook Lenders has a noble vision and I am one of the beneficiaries of the vision. Keep up with the good work

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